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Bye bye Trailerpark Festival!

For 10. gang er Trailerpark Festival til ende og vender ikke tilbage næste år. Carla Camilla Hjort stiftede festivalen for 10 år siden, og om beslutningen om at stoppe ved 10-års jubilæet fortæller hun: 

Vi tror på, at man altid skal udfordre sig selv og prøve noget nyt og vi vil gerne slutte på toppen, mens kærligheden og passionen er intakt.

Rygtet siger, at Carla Camilla og hendes team brygger på et nyt festivalskoncept. Indtil da vil vi nyde nogle af de kunstnere, der spillede på dette års festival og sende varme tanker til Trailerpark.


Trailerpark Festival 2016 has ended and will not return next year. Carla Camilla Hjort was the woman who decided to set up the festival 10 years ago:

We believe that you always have to challenge yourself and try out new adventures. We wanted to stop at the height of the festival while love and passion were still there. 

She said about the decision. Rumour has it that Carla Camilla and her team are brainstorming on a new festival concept. Until then we are to enjoy some of the artist who played at this year’s Trailerpark Festival.    


About M.I.L.K. Trailerpark Festval writes: M.I.L.K emerged in the international blogosphere with his sun-infused vibes. M.I.L.K. sounds like Scandinavian skinny dipping and has been compared to acts like Jungle and Rhye. 


About SLOWES Trailerpark Festival writes: Slowes is a brand new band and the brainchild of psychedelic-pop duo Jack Kilburn and Anders Hamann. They have just released their first single which were instantly picked up ny international radio. 

Vinnie Who

About Vinnie Who Trailerpark Festival writes: Introducing Vinnie Who would be unnecessary as he has been talk of the town since entering the music scene with his disco vibes in 2010. He has played at Trailerpark Festival no less than five times and this year he is back with his well-known catchy disco energy.  

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Would you press the button?

All images: Driesdepoorter.be

 – Vores interview med Dries Depoorter bringes på engelsk, da korrespondancen med den belgiske kunstner har foregået på dette sprog.  

Belgian artist Dries Depoorter has a mission: Through his arts he wants us to question the constant surveillance we are subjected to – and it might make us feel uncomfortable.
The work Jaywalking can be experienced at this year’s Trailerpark Festival starting today. Here Depoorter invites his audience to a live streaming experience of pedestrians crossing a road at a traffic light. Webcams will blabber whether the pedestrian has crossed the road when he is allowed to or not. Depoorter’s audience can thus press a button if he is caught crossing at red light, which will send an e-mail and a screenshot of the “Jaywalker” directly to the nearest police station.
Would you dare to press the button if finding yourself in front of the work at Trailerpark Festival? We are not sure ourselves but we are certainly curious to get to know more about the artist behind Jaywalking Read the Q&As here!
– In your own words what is Jay Walking about?
Jaywalking is about the future of police automatisation. Is a good that we’re gonna have a fine by just the most simple things like walking through a red light? 
This piece is also about surveillance and the tools I can build to make this possible. Most of the time I’m using open source tools. 
For the moment I’m working on a new project called JayWalking Frames. It’s exist out of photo frames of people walking through red lights all over the world captured with my software and using surveillance camera’s. I curate the jaywalking photo’s and put them in Photoframes. If you want to buy them you have to pay the same price as the fine in that country. 
So the money doesn’t go to the police but to me as an artist. Most of the time you pay 50 dollar or each Jaywalking photo frame.  
– Jay Walking is questioning the power of the authorities – is your art a riot against authorities or more the digital age we live in? 
It’s not a riot. It just brings up questions of the time we live in. 

– What are your thoughts about the technologies you use for your work? Taken into consideration that they constantly evolve. 
Technology is my main inspiration. Most of the time it’s a spark for a new project. But I try to be original with these new technologies.  
I don’t feel making a painting because the tool already exists. 

– It seems like your project is to make the things we surround ourselves with – but do not see or think about visible. Is that correctly understood? 
Yes. In a lot of projects I just combine data or technology with sometimes an interesting result. 
– When using all these data as for instance in your work “Tinder In” (one of Drie’s older works that matches a person’s Tinder photos and frames them with the same individual’s LinkedIn profile photo), don’t you think that turns you into some kind of a Big Brother of someone who plays “God” with all us ignorant others? 
It was a choice to make TinderIn a manual process. First I was think to make a script where I combine hundreds combinations of Tinder & LinkedIn pictures. But I think it’s stronger to 
do it manually so I show everyone can do this. That was a choice. 
– Everything about surveillance and online privacy seems invisible to the “normal eye”. Is it with works like yours that we really start to think about it? And are you doing us a favour?
No, I don’t do you a favour. I hope it start raising question. 
– Is your work ethical? Do you feel the need to fight for the knowledge of how much surveillance we actually are being exposed to?
I show what is possible with surveillance and the tools I have. I don’t want to be that artist with the heavy and boring message. 
– If you had lived 100 years ago, what kind of artist would you have been?
Most of my inspiration comes from technology. So I probably did some projects with a phonograph, typewriter or a radio receiver. 

I always wanted to become an inventor when I was young. Sometimes I feel like this. 

Tinder In: Side by Side profile pictures of LinkedIn & Tinder of the same person.


Chanel chick i Havana // Chanel chick in Havana

Image: Vogue

Fendi fejrer sit 90 års jubilæum ved Trevi fontænen i Rom, Dior udpeger Maria Grazia Chiuri til at overtage posten som chefdesigner efter Raf Simons, Peter Copping forlader det amerikanske modehus Oscar de la Renta. På tre måneder sker der rigtig meget i den internationale modebranche. Alligevel kan det indimellem godt betale sig at skrue tiden lidt tilbage – f.eks. til begyndelsen af maj måned, da verdens modepresse var samlet i Havana for at overvære Chanels resort 2017 kollektion.
Kort tid forinden, i slutningen af marts aflagde præsident Obama Cuba et tre dags visit, som ifølge toneangivende medier er begyndelsen på Cubas åbning mod Vesten, der b.la. omfatter handelsaftaler mellem de to parter. Det var første gang siden 1959 at en amerikansk præsident satte sine fødder på Cubansk jord.
”I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americans,” erklærede Obama.
Karl Lagerfeld følger med tiden, og at afholde Chanels resort 2017 kollektion under åben himmel i Havanna blev modehusets næste træk. De fransk-cubanske tvillingesøstre Lisa Kaindé og Naomi Diaz åbnede showet med sang, og under navnet Ibeyi optræder de desuden også på Beyonces nye plade Lemonade.
Hvor end du tilbringer sommeren er der inspiration at hente i kollektionen.1950’er silhuetterne og print af amerikanske dollargrin fra perioden tager os tilbage til dengang Fidel Castro gennemførte revolutionen. Casual stylet t-shirts, løse nederdele og panama hatte sætter den elegante stil. Den klassiske Chanel-jakke stylet med et par jeans eller Chanels tweet i ny fortolkning med en t-shirt under. Den fransk alpehue der med palietter får et snært af glamour, og til herrerne: Smokingjakke i spansk snit, butterfly, cigar, bare ankler og loafers.     

Se videoen fra Chanels resort 2017 kollektion herunder:

Many things happen in three months but sometimes taking a step back in time is worthwhile. We have chosen to do so and our attention is at the beginning of May when Karl Lagerfeld chose Havana, Cuba as the location of the Chanel resort 2017 collection.  
A few months before, by the end of March president Obama paid Cuba a visit as the first American president since 1959. On the agenda were trading agreements between the two countries but Obama also had an ideological message: ”I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americans”, he said.

We love how the collection is a bliss of inspiration no matter where in the world you are spending the summer. The 1950’ties shapes tells the story of the time, when Fidel Castro took over power in Cuba. Loosely fitted skirts paired with a casual t-shirt and a panama hat sets the elegant agenda, while a sequin French hat reminds us that we are dealing with Chanel. For the gentlemen: A smoking jacket in the Spanish-cut, butterfly, cigar, bare ankles and loafers. 

See the video from Chanel’s resort 2017 collection:

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Trailerpark Festival – Line Up 2016!

Vi glæder os til, at Trailerpark Festival endnu en gang løber af stablen i slutningen af denne måned! Og i dag offentligøres årets spilleplan når festivallen for 10. gang åbner sine døre for et mekka for de kunst-og musikelskende københavnere.  
Danmarks ukronede pop ikon, Anne Linnet, gæster festivalen lørdag, og arrangørerne lover, at luften vil flyde af fællessang, kærlighed og politiske budskaber.
Udover Anne Linnet er 2 yderligere bands, 2 djs og et 6 timers girlpower dj set, med nogle af københavns bedste kvindelige dj, også blevet føjet til plakaten. 

Bag DJ pulten kan du b.la. opleve Anika Lori, Louisa Nieves og Fedty. Mens den nye dansk techno super-trio, M€RCY bestående af det tidligere Reptile Youth medlem Esben Valløe, Tim Panduro, og Simon Muchinsky fra When Saints Go Machine slår tonerne an.

Se hele programmet og find billetter her.


This year Trailerpark Festival is turning 10 years and today, the festival is celebrating the anniversary by announcing the final line up. See it here.  
The festival is also announcing that the Danish pop ikon Anne Linnet will be entertaining on Saturday, while a strong set of female DJs has been added to the line up. We are looking forward!

Anne Linnet
Photo Credit: Trailerpark Festival


Alexandre Vauthier Couture AW16/17

Alexandre Vauthier, 5. juli 2016, Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Med topmodellen Jourdan Dunn i front, viste franske Alexandre Vauthier endnu en gang et afklædt couture look, der legede med grænselandet mellem couture og ready to wear. F.eks. var et par baggy camouflage bukser broderet med perler, hvilket gav det polerede couture look et strejf af rebel og street, mens volumiøse bikerjakker efterlod kollektionen med et råt finish.  

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Ralph & Russo Couture AW 16/17

Ralph & Russo, 4. juli 2016, Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2016/2017

“Det, der ligger os nærmest og minder os om livets uendelige cyklus” sådan blev Ralph & Russos couture kollektion for den kommende vinter præsenteret, og i “moder jords” ånd bød man på et væld af blomster, laserskårede sommerfugle og metallic guldsmede. Farver som smaragdgrøn, sort, navy, hvid og sarte nuancer af rosa og blå prydede gulvlange kjoler i asymmetrisk- og empiresnit samt mere 60’er inspirerede silhuetter. Den transparente trend var også at spore f.eks. i en sort kjole, der med sine mange sommerfugle påsat det gennemsigtige stof, ikke efterlod meget til fantasien.

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